Beat the Winter Blues with Houseplants!

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Anthurium in Red (Photo courtesy

Blooming Plants cure Winter Blues

During winter, I love having blooming plants inside my home.

The flowering plants that help me get through the winter are kalanchoe, Anthurium and winter blooming jasmine (Jasmine polyanthum). 

Kalanchoe comes in a variety of colors. My favorite this month are red and white. This plant loves bright, indirect light. Blooms for two months and requires little water.

Anthurium has a beautiful heart-shaped leaf and flower and comes in shades of white, pink and red. Oh, how it reminds me of Hawaii.

I am in love with winter blooming jasmine. Often found this time of year just coming into bloom, this highly fragrant plant can fill your home with a sweet aroma. Jasmine can bloom several weeks in your home and loves to be placed in a southern window with plenty of humidity. The soil must be kept moist and kept in a cooler room.

Kalanchoe in white, orange and yellow (Photo courtesy of

Beautiful Houseplants for Difficult Places

Dark corner? Lots of sunshine? Bookcase with low light? Office cubicle?

Here are some plants that are nearly indestructible:

  • Dracaenas are a tall strappy leafed plants that love a dark corner. They need very little attention and very little water. They are great for softening a corner of any room.
  • Z.Z. plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) are super easy to care for structural plants that love low to medium light and fit nicely into a bookcase that might need a little greenery.
  • Lots of Sunshine and want Drama? The slow growing Pony tail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) makes a statement in any room.This plant is actually part of the Yucca family and stores water in its bulbous base.
  • Want a little greenery in your work space? If you have little or no natural light, it is best to go with a philodendron, pothos or spathiphylum. All of these air purifying plants tolerate low light and will add some joy to any work space.

Variegated Pothos (Photo courtesy of

Helpful Winter Tips for Houseplants

Here are some tips to help your houseplants through the increased darkness and dryness of our winter months.

  • Increase the humidity around your plants. You can achieve this by misting your houseplant weekly or by placing it on a rocked filled tray that is kept full of water.
  • Keep your houseplants away from cool drafts and heat registers.
  • If you can, give your plant more light by opening your shades.
  • Plants are less active during the winter months. It is a good idea to cut back or stop fertilizing and water your plant less. Once spring arrives, start fertilizing once a month.
  • Misting your plants is also a great deterrent for spider mites, which like to find their way to our plants during the winter months.

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Photo Courtesy of

Blog post by Stacy Lyon, Store Manager and houseplant guru, Ravenna Gardens 

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