April Showers Bring May....Collard Greens!

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Everyone knows that April showers bring May … collard greens. And kale. And beets. And peas and lettuces and fabulous arugulas—but did you also know that, in some cases, and in some years, in certain parts of the world, April showers have also been purported to bring May … mustard greens?

It's true—but only if you do your part and plant the necessary veggie seeds or starts to catch those April showers in the first place. Otherwise, you'll be left with nothing but May mud. Fortunately, here at Ravenna Gardens, we can help you with all the logistics of turning drizzly Spring into delicious Summer. Whether you're simply looking to grab your old-favorite sugar snap peas or you woke up this morning with an itch for something a little crazy (why, what have we here, are those reddish-purple Brussels sprouts?), we've got you covered. Crazy plant itches are our specialty.

Er … that came out wrong.

But seriously, the purple Brussels sprouts are amazing.

What I mean to say is that our store is positively bursting with edible awesomeness. This year, I daresay, we have assembled the mightiest, most dazzling, most drool-inducing collection of fruits, herbs and veggies on record. From old standards to oddballs; from brand new to rare heirlooms, there's a little something for everyone.

There is, in fact, a lot of something for everyone, if everyone feels so inclined. And I wouldn't blame you if you were. There are just too many temptations to walk away empty handed; my own shopping list looks something like this: one of everything. For veggies, that means goodies like purple broccoli, blue leeks, red cabbage, scarlet kale, rainbow chard, all colors of heirloom lettuces, and, my personal favorite: wild Italian arugula. It's spicy; it's perennial (yes, mine has come back from last year) … and I can't stop eating it. Seriously. I may or may not be eating wild Italian arugula even as I write this.

Blue Leeks - "Northern Lights"

But let's not forget about the fruits. I have heard rumors, from a credible source, that Ravenna Gardens currently has in stock espaliered apple trees, each limb of which sports a different variety of apple. And if that doesn't blow your mind, we have white strawberries that taste like pineapple! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Then there's the hot-shot dwarf berry that's taking the world by storm: Raspberry Shortcake. These feisty little plants pump out scrumptious fruit all Summer long, without ever growing more than a couple feet tall. If you have room for a pot on your patio, bingo, you now have room for a raspberry plant. And how could we ignore those most elegant of fruiting shrubs: the blueberries? Equally at home in the container, ornamental or edible garden, no garden is complete without a couple of blueberry plants. I may even amend that to state that no person is complete without a couple blueberry plants.

Audacious? Perhaps, but here at Ravenna Gardens we are nothing if not passionate about our plants. Especially this time of year, when the excitement is not only palpable, but palatable as well. So stop by soon and join in the fervor.

Your salad awaits.

- L.R.

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