The New & Colorful Hover Dish

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Todd Holloway: Founder & Chief Designer

Todd, the founder of Pot incorporated, is a landscape designer and a plant fanatic. He started his career in his late teens with an intense urge to grow food. Using his parents property to grow an assortment of eclectic fruits and vegetables, he commenced a search to formally educate himself in sustainable food production.

In 1994-95, he studied landscape horticulture at Capilano University and in 1996 he attended the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems at the University of California in Santa Cruz to study organic agriculture.

img.phpA Passion for Plant Art

Todd’s passion for the world of plants led him to establish Toad Landscape Company in 2001. He accumulated a diverse client base ranging from young professionals to property developers who found his meticulous, artistic landscapes and plant design captivating. Over his years running Toad Landscape Company, he found a niche in container plant design which influenced the inevitable creation of Pot Inc. which has become his outlet for an addiction to plant art and exterior design.



Pot inc is honored that their pursuit for exemplary plant design has landed their gorgeous works in several garden magazine issues throughout North America, including Fine Gardening’s complete issue of Container Gardening Magazine in 2012.


If You Can’t find It, Design It!

Pot Inc’s planter design aspirations were born out of necessity for lack of available containers in the retail market. After constant unsuccessful attempts to purchase contemporary, quality planters for their clients, they found it a necessary, yet welcome challenge to design their own containers. They began with utilizing concrete in 2008 to construct their designs and quickly realized the complexity and limits of concrete to be more troublesome than beneficial. After researching plastics, ceramics and fiberglass, they realized that metal was their medium of choice. In 2010, they started offering custom metal planter fabrication to new clients and over time settled on aluminum as the best material to use for a wide range of large contemporary designs such as the hover dish recently added to Ravenna Gardens product collection and featured below.

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hover tog 2

Pot Inc 7For additional articles about Pot Inc. and Todd Holloway, visit their press page.

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