Meet John Wehman of Laughing Creek Productions

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Ravenna Gardens: Where did you grow up?

John Wehman: I was born and raised in Ballard, Washington. Graduated from Ballard High School and Western Washington University – a true Northwesterner. I now reside in Montlake neighborhood where I have my production workshop.

RG: Where did you study or train?

JW: Most of what I do is self-taught and having a natural talent for pursuing creative ideas. I ask questions and listen. My father, a talented work carver hobbyist, was an inspiration to me in believing in myself to pursue me interests and talents; to give something a try even if you don’t quite know what you’re doing at first. After 30 years in video communications production, I decided to seriously purse my other interest of working with wood and I love it!

RG: What is the first thing that you made to sell?

JW: Wooden game boards back in the 1970’s. At that time, I did it to raise additional money for my wife and I to travel. I never thought that 30 some years later I would have my own full time outdoor furniture and garden art business.

RG: Who is your design idol?

JW: I have a ton of respect for all the artists I meet and work with at art shows throughout the northwest.They’re a hardy and extremely creative group. So many of them encouraged me to keep pursuing my talent and to not give up.

RG: Where do you find inspiration?

JW: I find ideas from my interaction with my customers. They have an idea and ask me to make it; whether it’s a new color or a new item. There’s always something new to pursue.

RG: Any advice for new, emerging artists?

JW: If you love what you’re doing then don’t stop. Believe that if others are succeeding than why can’t you, too. Think, be organized, ask questions, find something unique to make or do, and go for it! Start small, work hard and learn to enjoy long hours.

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