Gifts for Mom!!

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Mother's Day is a favorite holiday at Ravenna Gardens.  We love to help you find the perfect gift for that most special person in your life.  Here are just five of the hundreds of ideas you will find when you visit us.

A planted container for her patio table.  We have a great selection, planted for sun or shade, for the table, porch or deck.

Fuchsia baskets - for a shady porch or patio, our fuchsia baskets are gorgeous and filled with blossoms.   They will bloom all the way through summer into fall.

Locally made art glass for her garden.   Adding glass to the garden takes it to the next level.   From glass balls for a pond or birdbath, to larger pieces to be placed in the garden or containers, we feature the work of two glass artists from our region, Andrew Holmberg from Portland, Oregon, and Barbara Sanderson of Glass Gardens Northwest.

Sitting is not something Moms do enough of!!   We have a great selection of chairs and benches made locally, plus bistro chairs from Fermob, France.  

Soaps, lotions, candles - all those yummy things Moms love.   

Just a few ideas - stop by and let us help you find the perfect gift for Mom!

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