Gardening Trends for 2016

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Every year, each magazine, newspaper, blog, newsletter known to mankind comes out with their predictions for trends that will occur in the upcoming year. So, we thought we might as well take a swing at it as well! Here are our "Top 5 Gardening Trends for 2016":

1. Root-to-Leaf Eating & Growing

This trend has been taking the food world by storm when it comes to animals - tail-to-snout. Now, we are going to see it translating over to the vegetable world as well. Did you know that most consumers threw away about $2,000 to $3,000 worth of food each year? From radish leaves, carrot leaves and more - we are going to see chefs and home cooks finding ways to use each part of the vegetable and throw away less. BTW, the tops of these varieties have more nutrients than the roots!

Image Credit: Mark's Daily Apple

2. Jewel-Tone Succulents

Jewel-tones have really become a showcase both in garden and floral design worlds. Succulents are extremely popular due to their versatile look, fancy colors and fun textures. Just look online for tons of different colorful container designs with succulents here are 30 alone from Sunset Magazine. Succulents offer something for the novice gardener to the more advanced. Simplicity, bright and bold beauty are found in these tiny treasures.

Image Credit: Sunset Magazine

3. Edibles are KING!

Over the last three years, edibles have seen a resurgence like never before. People are realizing that growing and eating from their own homegrown vegetables is by far the best quality that they can find for themselves and their family. With scares of E.coli and more in our food sources, more and more people, specifically younger generations want to know where their food is grown, how it's grown and what is put on it during that growing process. Edibles will continue to be extremely popular.

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4. Colorful Structures

Elements in the garden such as fences, sheds and other structures are going to get a nice pop of color this year. Whether it is a gorgeous painting or a splash of paint, people will want those normally wood-toned items to be amped up a bit.

Image Credit: Shawna Coronado

5. Wellness & Being Mindful

In this fast paced world everyone is trying SO hard to slow down. WE JUST WANT A BREAK! The garden is the perfect place for this! With the upswing of resorts that guarantee a disconnect from your computer, phone, ipad, or whatever electronic device it may be - we will see more and more people wanting to reconnect with nature. Knowing that it has healing powers beyond our limited understanding and diving face first into the dirt - if you will!

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Article written by Danielle Ernest

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