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This year has been rough for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle alone, we have had several weeks on end with record-setting temperatures and lack of rain. Long range forecasts predict another drier than normal winter here in the Pacific Northwest, so correct watering techniques become especially important during these times. Here are some Watering 101 strategies we have found to work for our gardens:


  • Mulch, mulch, mulch! It is extremely important in the garden. It helps to reduce water evaporation and fends off weeds, which means your ornamental plants don’t need to compete for water.

  • Water longer and less often. Deep watering is much better than shallow! This means to hold the garden hose on your containers, beds and raised boxes for several minutes until water can be seen draining from containers. Deep watering promotes extensive root growth and this is ideal in hot conditions vs. watering often with small amounts of water creates shallow-rooted, thirsty plants.

  • Do not over fertilize! Doing so during a drought can cause plants to put on excessive growth, meaning they will need more water to support them.
  • Install a drip irrigation, if you are unable to water each day. Having underground sprinklers is a bonus as well, but can be costly.
  • Watering in the early morning will help to avoid as much evaporation during the day as possible. Don’t wait to water if a plant is showing extreme signs of stress from lack of  water.
  • If container gardening, plant in larger containers. Due to the large surface area of the soil volume, it retains and holds moisture a lot better than smaller containers that need to be watered several times per day.

  • Water your vegetables! This is not a place to skimp, remember it takes water to grow food.
  • Remember, new plants, even drought-tolerant plants, need regular watering for the first two years until established.

By constantly following these best practices for watering during hot, dry summers and dry winters, your garden will have a great chance of surviving such extremes in the weather. For further questions about watering, please contact us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ravenna-Gardens or in-store.

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